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OUR Team

Dedicated to giving you great and fun classes and events, we present the team behind Bora Forró Amsterdam - Hongsie, Dylan, Iván and Hennia.




Founder & Teacher

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Meet our favorite teacher, talented dancer and event planning queen, Hongsie. Going to her first forró lesson in 2015 might have been by chance, but definitely was worth it as she has been in love with forró ever since. You can count on her to organize amazing parties, make everybody feel welcome and fall in love with Forró just like she did. Hongsie started teaching early on in 2016 with Bora Forró in Edinburgh. When she moved to Amsterdam in 2017, she started another Bora Forró group here. Now in 2022, she is returning again but this time with an amazing teacher team to help grow the forró community in Amsterdam even more!

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DJ Ivan Lanús

Teacher in training

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As integral member of our Bora Forró community, Iván has been there from the start of Bora Forró in Amsterdam. Not only has he developed into a great dancer but we are happy to have him in our team now as well, helping us grow the forró community more in Amsterdam. Without him the community in Amsterdam and beyond just wouldn't be the same.

His style in dancing can be described as flowing, musical with arrastadas which make you glide on the floor.

His love for forró has extended from not only being a great dancers with great musicality but also to becoming an ace DJ - DJ Ivan Lanús!

Bora Forró Amsterdam Dylan



Teacher in training

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Our professional musician and ever fun Dylan who will teach you everything about feeling the music! Dylan, half Portuguese half Cape-Verdean, started his dancing journey back in 2015 with balfolk dancing in Lisbon. Through friends he found out about forró and quickly fell in love with it. Before moving to Amsterdam, he heard about Bora Forró and once he moved here, he started classes with us. Through joining classes and helping at parties, he has been a standing rock for the community here. His style is flowy and dreamy - you can get lost in his arms. Dylan is our design head (we'll share some of his work soon!) and is always there for a good laugh as you can see!

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