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What is forró?

Forró is a dance coming from the north east of Brazil. Pronounced as "fo-ho", many people say that it sounds like "for all" - which is true!

Forró developed out of a two-step, danced bare feet. Nowadays we are dancing forró on with 3 simple steps like other latin dances - and now we usually also wear flat and comfortable shoes.

Bora Forró ForróDAM Blossoms Efi
Bora Forró ForróDAM Blossoms 2019 Dylan

How to dance Forró?

Forró is a latin partner dance with a follower and a leader, danced in close embrace.

Although we have a follower and a leader, your role does not depend on your gender but rather your preference for the role.

As forró has different music rhythms to dance to, the dance can be slow or fast according to the music which gives forró a great variety of moves and sound on the dance floor.

What styles are there?

There are two main styles for forró:

Forró universitário which focuses more on arm figures and open turns.

And forró pé de serra also known as forró roots, which focuses on leg/foot work and quick changes of weight.

Bora Forró Edinburgh - Legs
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